About Proven Natural(TM)

"Inspiring Bodies to Greatness"

Proven NaturalTM was founded with the purpose of delivering supplements that are naturally produced and required by the human body.  Proven NaturalTM supplements exceed expectations by ensuring our products are based in nutritious whole foods. We carefully marry pure food and botanical extracts with nutrients to reinforce bodily systems at potencies appropriate for optimal health. In many cases plant enzymes and probiotics are often added to our products to enhance bioavailability or natural bodily absorption.

Our organic-based products are specifically intended to serve as an aide in preventing bodily deficiencies that could cause sickness and disease. Leading the way, is our Proven Natural Advanced UbiquinolTM form CoQ10.  Far exceeding the performance of standard CoQ10 formula, our supplement serves as bioidentical to the ubiquinol produced by your body to ward off illness. With administrative offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and an 80,000sqft, FDA approved manufacturing facility located outside of Atlanta, our team is able to produce high quality, organic, Proven NaturalTM supplements that will inspire your body.